About Us

Diagnostic Concept

Dr Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics, Immunoassay testing laboratory provides specialized tests with international quality at affordable costs to the common man. We believe that every individual has the right to have cost effective and quality healthcare service. That’s exactly what Dr Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics offers.

Quality, cost, speed, system and research are the main focus of Dr Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics. The common man has always been our focus, who is so far being made to pay exorbitant prices for quality healthcare services.


"Being in the health care industry, it is the patient who is both our primary customer and concern. Ensuring that the right value is given in right time to the right patient is the test we undergo everyday successfully ".


Quality Policy

"Quality is never an accident; rather it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It presents the vice choice of many alternatives".

The quality framework at Dr Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics incorporates RIQAS & EQAS Methodology with rich management experience of professionals from diversified backgrounds in fields of medical sciences, business management, quality control & assurance, and administration


Management System

Today the entire operations at Dr’s Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics is controlled and monitored by computers with powerful software applications. Handling thousands of our patient’s data

is a tedious task but Dr’s Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics managed to track each and every individual specimen’s information from the huge number of specimen details. Our software is developed by a team of pathologists and software professionals keeping in mind the needs of the patients, doctor and the laboratory. Salient features of this software: specimen logistics, data transfer, results downloading, handling clients, accounts handling and communication modules.


Our Diversified Network

With an ever-shrinking globe and fast growing market, it is imperative for every business to reach out to customers directly. It is like bridging the gaps between the service providers

and the consumers. Its success is cemented by its superior quality of the reports, the shortest possible time for reporting and the most economical cost of testing. Dr’s Shamsi & Ansari Diagnostics plan to cater the country with a rich network of collection centers. The business associates, present in all major cities, hospitals and patients, right from collecting samples from the doorstep of the client till providing the reports back in their hand.